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The flag of the Anarcho-Technological Union :iconferdinandrosenthal:FerdinandRosenthal 2 0 The flag of Mangalan Shambhala :iconferdinandrosenthal:FerdinandRosenthal 0 0 Decolonized flag of Puerto Rico :iconferdinandrosenthal:FerdinandRosenthal 0 0 The flag of the Ministry Of Space :iconferdinandrosenthal:FerdinandRosenthal 0 0 The flag of Ceres :iconferdinandrosenthal:FerdinandRosenthal 0 0 The flag of the Gaian People's Democratic Republic :iconferdinandrosenthal:FerdinandRosenthal 1 0 A simplified redesign of the flag of Cascadia :iconferdinandrosenthal:FerdinandRosenthal 3 2 The flag of Callisto :iconferdinandrosenthal:FerdinandRosenthal 2 0 The flag of Tianxia :iconferdinandrosenthal:FerdinandRosenthal 2 2 The flag of the Caribbean Community :iconferdinandrosenthal:FerdinandRosenthal 0 0 The flag of the Democratic State of Thailand :iconferdinandrosenthal:FerdinandRosenthal 0 0 The flag of the North American Republic :iconferdinandrosenthal:FerdinandRosenthal 0 0 The flag of the Adaptive Arab Union :iconferdinandrosenthal:FerdinandRosenthal 0 0 The flag of Mars :iconferdinandrosenthal:FerdinandRosenthal 1 2
When the machines....
When the machines took over the farms, we didn't care, for we had the factories and mines.
When the machines took over the factories and mines, we didn't care, for we had the offices and studios.
When the machines took over the offices and studios....
:iconferdinandrosenthal:FerdinandRosenthal 0 0
The flag of the Hispanic Caribbean League (HCL) :iconferdinandrosenthal:FerdinandRosenthal 0 0


Wendy :iconchaoticmiko:ChaoticMiko 20 4 Wendy's Fast Food :iconsecretnarcissist:SecretNarcissist 482 46 t o x i c :iconclarisiei:clarisiei 29 1 Rae Sloane on Jakku :iconvampire-church:vampire-church 2 0 Land of the Free :iconempressfunk:EmpressFunk 1,436 391 SLS Launchpad :iconspacepozzolo:SpacePozzolo 6 0 Colonial Liberia :iconrobo-diglet:Robo-Diglet 36 11 We Are The Weirdos :iconabigaillarson:AbigailLarson 1,947 50 Beijing Rising :iconaltruistichedonist:AltruisticHedonist 14 6 Jewish Crimea :iconfederalrepublic:FederalRepublic 40 11 Terwingardr :iconarminius1871:Arminius1871 63 107 ESF SUMER-CLASS Frigate Escort / Light Frigate :iconmisterk91:MisterK91 103 20 Ragna - Housecarl :iconthelivingshadow:TheLivingShadow 65 10 Sao Lous :iconnimphradora:Nimphradora 255 15 ceremony :iconevabeesmith:EvaBeeSmith 286 7 Blacksmith - Nadia - before the storm :icons2ka:s2ka 263 21


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The flag of the Anarcho-Technological Union

The Anarcho-Technological Union of Shackleton is a anarchist polity residing in and around Shackleton crater on the Moon's south pole.

Their flag is composed of a stereotypical 'anarchist' flag with the hoist-bisection in 'technological and lunar' grey, a black roundel hoisting a 'A' whose legs end in circuit-board (and thus technological) symbology surrounded by a grey circle, which represents Shackleton-on-the-pole, and indeed, many have noted that the whole flag looks like a stylized view of their settlement, with the near side in grey and the far side in black.

All but an engorged scientific and cultural experiment, the Anarchism there is all but 'classical' communist/socialist/anarchist. Where the details fall is left to observer and participant alike, but it's still very democratic, very 'free', and communal, though tempered by the harsh realities of living in space. Social control and development does exist along some secret manifesto, but the purges haven't started, not yet at least.

Whether or not in the end the anarchist experiment will 'succeed' without implosion is left to heavy debate. It's only been fifty odd years, after all. Some decry external influence, others seek to spread their way, and others still wish to maintain a community of scientists and technology, free from the pressing demands of profit and capitalism.

The flag of Mangalan Shambhala

Here's another polity from my hard-mundane scifi setting. Gods, I hope metallic hydrogen was actually reproduced in a lab....


Mangalan Shambhala, or, in English, the 'Martian Place of Peace', is a theocratic Buddhist state formed around Newton Crater (now hosting a large lake, companion lakes, and gentle grassland below the rim) on, well, Mars.

The flag of Mangalan Shambhala is composed of a orange fesswise pall fimbriated white (a horizontal Y with white borders), representing the Three Jewels of Buddhism.

On top of the pall is a white roundel hoisting four rounded orange semi-circles, which represent the Four Noble Truths, and centered in the circle is a stylized Dharmachakra representing the Noble Eightfold Path. The spokes of the Dharmachakra are a fluffy star, representing spatial and expansive matters/aspirations.

As per their national reckoning of Buddhism, it is ruled by the Maitreya, or the future perfect Buddha; at least, this is the title for their leader, who functions as an absolute theocrat, who is focused on fulfilling the prophetic Kalacakra tantra and to defeat the myriad of 'dark forces' tormenting humanity, with a schedule slated for 2424 AD/467 SE.

To fulfill this goal, extensive mining operations, arms production, militarization, and propaganda is churned out of Mangalan Shambhala at astonishing and inhumane rates. It is rated as a rogue state with abysmal human rights and democracy thereof by the rest of the inhabited solar system, but unlike other such polities (which normally consists of rich fundamentalists, their inner circle, their followers and a cheap off-the-market inflatable habitat or two floating in space or on some rock) their expansive holdings and technology gives them a potentially painful bite behind their bark.

Ratio: 2:3

Colors: 3: Dark Grey, orange, and white, which symbolize the darkness of existence, concurrent affairs, and space; Buddhism; purity, and holiness, respectively.

Here it is in flagwaver.

Decolonized flag of Puerto Rico
Submitted to the March flag contest on r/vexillology.

My justification:

"The current flag of Puerto Rico, designed in New York, based on the Cuban flag, itself designed in New York and based upon on the flag of the United States of America and a desire to become a state of the United States of America, stands to be decolonized - a general interest I myself have dabbled in, as a Puerto Rican.

The colors and symbology of the flag are as follows: the Spanish Red for the blood shed by the island in its course for independence against Spain and the United States of America in an ascending manner and symbolic of number and years of the struggle undertaken to do so; the White for the hopeful future with the triangle representing the three pillars of liberty, justice, and democracy; the five point Gold star for the island itself and its wealth, material or human, pointed outwards for a hopeful advancement; and the Spanish Blue triangle standing for the encompassing sea which surrounds and provides for Puerto Rico and the thee cornerstone industries of shipping, fishing, and medicine."

Produced in flagmaker 2.0.

The flag of the Ministry Of Space
The flag of the Ministry of Space is composed of a vector in front of a star, symbolizing astronautics and space, over a roundel, representing the 'myriad realms of inhabited space' upon a red field representing and honoring the sacrifices and blood shed throughout the history of space travel and to come, with the red within the star representing the valor and bravery of pioneers and space workers, and the red within the vector representing the same for members of the Ministry.
The flag of Ceres
The flag of Ceres is composed of the sickle (and astronomical symbol) of Ceres and two bundles of grain upon a dark field.

The sickle stands for the tools, manpower, extraction, and capability of Ceres, in the form of hydrogen and oxygen from itself and as a base to exploit the asteroid belt. The bundles of grain stand for the riches and wealth provided by Ceres, or stand to be, and are composed of five stalks each to mark Ceres' 'fifth' place in the solar system. The dark field represents the realm of outer space.

While Ceres does not hoist any real permanent population nor representation, numerous bodies have a flag in spite of legal status, and this flag follows that trend.



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